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Holidays Lounge has members who travel the world. Here is nice little articles on a great location in New Brunswick Canada. Traveling and seeing new places is always an exhilarating experience. The more memorable travel destinations are the ones that are the unique from all the other sites and offer an escapade no other place can.

Bay of Fundy, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions. It is a haven for surfers and kayakers as it is in the Guinness-Book of world records for having the highest tides in the world.

Tides In Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is the biggest tourist attraction for people who are trying to see the world’s highest tides. It is estimated that twice a day, 160 billion tons of water flow in and out of the bay with tides also reaching heights of about 16m.

So many boat tours are available for both high and low tides. Kayaking during the high tides is a thrilling experience as it cannot be experienced anywhere in the world. Surfers are also looking for high tides to showcase their skills. With only a 6-hour gap between on high tide and the next, surfers would not have to wait long for the next water ride.

The constant high volumes of water flowing into the Bay of Fundy help formulate other attractions such as caves and different fantastic rock formations such as the Hopewell Rocks.

Other Attractions and Activities

The fantastic Tides in the Bay of Fundy are not the only a wonder tourists can spend their precious time with. Since the spot is an area rich in so much history, there are places like the Fundy Geological-Museum. This geological museum has on its display some of the oldest dinosaur bones discovered. This takes the audience back to the ancient world.

It also has some the oldest and first reptiles, giant dragonflies as well as the predecessors of frogs. It is very informative for people interested in history and archeology. There are other sites like the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, which is the 15th UNESCO World-Heritage Site, offers a look into the most profound fossil records of life in the Coal Age.

The Bay of Fundy also offers other activities such as whale watching and seabird watching. So many varieties of species of whales and dolphins are found around this area. Although the rare whales such as the blue whale have only been spotted once, the many other would serve as a perfect replacement for the whales.

Other activities include taking a pleasant nature walk through one of Bay of Fundy’s top attractions. These are the Hopewell Rocks. The high tides aided in formulating such a fantastic vista. Walking on the ocean floor is indeed a sensational experience that is readily recommended by everyone who has ever visited the Bay of Fundy.

Nova Shores Adventures also provide kayaking activities for all age groups and genders. Everybody needs to experience this. It’s not a Bay of Fundy trip until you hit the fresh waters.


Holidays Lounge suggests  the Bay of Fundy is a very extraordinary tourist destination. May through September are all great seasons to visit the Bay of Fundy.

If you are looking for a holiday that is filled with remarkable memories and activities and also informative on different historical facts, this is a highly recommended destination.


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