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Yosemite National Park is a perfect destination for a family vacation. It is located in the Sierra Nevada, and it is spread across an area of more than 1,200 square miles. You will see beautiful meadows, amazing waterfalls, ancient sequoias, deep valleys and much more in the park.

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Holidays Lounge Reviews recommends visiting Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park Valley

It remains open all year round, and visitors of all ages can visit to cherish the beauty of the mountains and a large number of activities in the park.

Bus Tours

You can choose from two-hour to all day expeditions in the park. If you are visiting with young kids or old adults who don’t want to hike, bus tours will let you enjoy the breathtaking sites throughout the park.

If you are visiting between July and September, you can take Tuolumne Meadows all-day tour to the meadows. If you want to see the glacier, you can make the four-hour Glacier Point Tour. You can also choose the two-hour Valley Flour Tour to the Yosemite Valley which is offered throughout the year.

The Yosemite Museum

At the Yosemite Museum, you will witness the native American culture, rustic architecture, and the changing art gallery. You must visit the museum if you are curious about the park’s history and the ancient culture.

Ice Skating

You can ice skate in the national park when the waterfalls freeze during December. The skating rink has a warming hut where you can store shoes and warm up sipping your hot drink. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the Half Dome from the rink and indulge yourself in the hot chocolate near the Half Dome Village.

Rock Climbing

There are mountaineering schools in the Tuolumne Meadows and the Half Dome Village. Consider taking the rock climbing classes with your kids if you are on a multi-day tour.

Live Theater

You will surely enjoy watching the theatrical performances and see the Yosemite from the perspective of the characters. Enjoying theater amidst the beautiful landscape of the park is a unique experience you don’t want to miss when you visit the park.

Evening Hike

Enjoy the evening hike and explore the park under the moonlight. The evening hikes last between one and one and half hours and led in the groups of 24 people. The evening hike is less than one hour flat hike, and it is suitable for kids as well as adults.

Starry Skies

You will be able to view the entire milky way and gaze the stars in the valley. Lying beneath the carpet of constellations, moon, comets and countless stars with your family will make you want to come back to the park quite often. If you are traveling with young kids with an inquisitive mind, you are going to enjoy some entertaining, funny and adorable conversations with them before you fall asleep.

To Sum up

Yosemite National Park is a bucket list must see and a perfect getaway for your family. You can cherish the natural beauty of the rocks, valley and the surroundings. You will also get to enjoy a plethora of activities at the park suitable for people from all age groups.

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Wild Black Bear in Yosemite National Park Valley

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