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Holidays lounge Promotions loves to be able to design your travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific, a memorable trip to Costa Rica.

A holiday package with just about all the travel plans, date, style and also spending budget especially personalized just for you. By doing this, you can additionally join a couple of like-minded tourists, traveling with guides offering value trips or may also enjoy a unique vacation developed to blend relaxation and romance within the kind of holiday encounter that you just are looking for.

Holidays lounge Promotions members discover the traveling experiences, and the beautiful animals of Costa Rica improve the all-around adventures of your holiday and have you appreciate the ideal sights and discovered concerning the animals varieties and their all-natural habitats that are native to the area.

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For the adventure seeking travelers who love the idea of walking, backpacking, rafting, surfing and also zip lining above the lush green forests of Costa Rica are usually the real experience experiences that you simply have the opportunity to enjoy on your active holiday within Costa Rica.

Holidays lounge Promotions suggests travelers who would like to take it easy to be able to go to Costa Rica’s shorelines as time relax and unwind, lounging around in the sand and also tanning in the bright sun is the most exceptional peaceful experience which can help to unwind them along.

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Birdwatchers find Costa Rica the best place to watch out for the rarest species and therefore, together with fantastic bird watching possibilities a Birdwatching holiday within Costa Rica gives a lot more than you can imagine.

Our travel experts find Costa Rica to be Mother Nature fans dream location teeming with many species of endangered and even rare birds and animals like crocodiles, armadillos, sloths and also toucans.

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They are abundant in Costa Rica and add to the mixture of rain and its cloud forests, a fantastic range of mountain tops and stunning shorelines; it might be challenging to be able to decide where to start from. Whenever the active travelers are not watching wild wildlife and also birds, he sure will be building up his appetite within the surf, within Playa Samara ashore its bay with a selection of outdoor dining places where they can eat massive scrumptious prawns and drink Pina Coladas.


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