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Holidays Lounge suggest visiting Norfolk.

One of the most significant and most known highlights of going to and visiting Norfolk Virginia is the USS Wisconsin, which is one of the largest battleships ever constructed by the United States Navy. After assuming stewardship for this fantastic ship, Norfolk has started offering guided tours.

Workers can take you on a guided tour, including of a trip to the ship’s deck and main floor. The topside tour lets you experience what life was like back in WW2. If you are looking for more facts that are more landlocked, Holidays Lounge wants you to make sure to visit the USS Wisconsin Museum that is located right next door.

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Holidays Lounge knows that you can see something different at the Chrysler Museum of Art. In this well thought out and thrilling museum you can see one the most extensive collection of glass art, made up of over 10,000 items and spanning over 3,000 years. Be sure to check out the resident artist where glass blowing demos and classes both are taught right within the facility. Also, a must-see is the 4,000 additional pictures depicting over four years of civil war. This collection is both haunting and memorizing as you stroll through the historical occurrence.

Holidays Lounge also invites you to enjoy the heat under the sun at one of Norfolk’s four beaches. The beach areas have picnic shelters available, so you have easy access to the water throughout the day. Full-service restrooms are also situated around the regions. Shelters are open on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to call to see if they are available!

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