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When people think of visiting Mexico for there vacation, they often think of traveling to one of the many beach resorts areas. According to Holidays Lounge, Mexico offers many different beach destinations on both the Pacific coast and the beautiful Caribbean coastline.

Knowing what the various beach areas have to offer makes it easier to decide which ones you may want to visit.


One of the most well-known beaches it is a favorite destination of young people who want to spend their spring break there. It offers excellent beaches, fantastic nightlife and a lot of fun for the younger crowd yet people of all ages love this location. It offers many activities including the famous Mayan ruins that can be lots of fun to explore and sightsee.

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Puerto Vallarta

This resort has been a very sought after destination for a very long time. It is known for its connection to Hollywood movies and stars alike to visit.
The area is also known for its fabulous place to eat. The food in this destination can often be summed up as some of the best in Mexico.

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Holidays Lounge finds this fabulous historical destination to be great for tourists that want a combination of resort town experience and the beautiful history and heritage. It offers a mixture of culture and history. It is also well known for its sports including sport fishing, horseback riding, and surfing.

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This is the resort destination that has the most cruise ships stopping to visit and offering many day adventures for tourists that are on these ships. The area is also an ideal destination for people that enjoy diving and exploring the underwater world that makes this place, so unique are around the city.


This is the most famous original destinations and is one of the first significant areas for travelers to go to back in the 1950s. Since that time, other resort areas have not been developed, but that does not mean this is still not worth looking visiting. The beaches are stunning, and night-life and restaurants make this a favorite for many tourists.

Check more destinations and call Holidays Lounge for your one on one travel specialist to recommend something that fits your needs and budget. Also, keep in mind travel time some location have shorter flight times than others so keep that in mind.

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